Sunday, November 30, 2008

Home Security Shutters - More Than Just Security Protection

Home Security Shutters look great and add value to your home while adding greatly to the integrity of your home security defence system. They come in a range of colors and are usually custom made to fit the exact specifications of your windows.

The key feature of home security shutters, which make them an attractive security option, is their ability to secure all glass window areas in your house. Burglary statistics show breaking and entering premises via a window is second only to direct front door or back door access.

Home security shutters protect your windows from being smashed by would be intruders. Generally they are manufactured using powder coated stainless steel or aluminium and come in a variety of styles including electronic louvre's, bi folding and side folding models and hinged configurations.

While some home security shutters are opened and closed manually with key locks the more modern applications of this home security technology are operated by remote control. The more advanced shutter systems offering the user programmable opening and closing options leading to increased home security management capabilities.

Apart from the obvious security advantages, home security shutters also have a range of other advantages, which make them an attractive home security option. The range of designs can add significant value to your home, reduce maintenance costs as they never need repainting, reduce outside noise improve your privacy and help climate control inside your house by7 blocking out the harsh sun or keeping in the cool or warm air.

So if you are updating, renovating or developing your home security, consider the benefits of installing home security shutters.

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