Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Simple Home Protection Tips

No matter where you live, it seems there is an increase of home intrusions these days. Many people would like to have better security for their homes and families, but may not know where to start. Here are some tips to help with home security:

1. If you invest in a home security system, make sure that you arrange it in layers. Even if a burglar manages to get past the first layer of security, they will still have more layers to get through in order to get through your home. Make it as hard on them as you can.

2. Walk around your home often, trying to "think like a burglar". Test your equipment, and see if you can find any problems with the home security set up. Look around for potential blind spots as well.

3. Keep in mind that a lock won't always be enough. If a burglar wanted to, he or she could easily break down the door or window(s). Thankfully, there are home security devices that can help protect doors and windows, including bars.

4. You should also consider putting up heavy drapes over your vulnerable windows. If your windows are protected with heavy drapes, it will make it impossible for a burglar to see inside your home. Hopefully they'll be more reluctant to break into your home if they can't see what it's like on the inside.

5. Make sure you add layers of protection on your garage doors and windows as well. Don't forget about security for your garage. You can also plant sharp, thorny plants right in front of all vulnerable windows. It will make it harder (and painful) for burglars to get through.

6. Get an alarm system and have it installed by an expert. There are many home security alarm systems to choose from, including very basic alarm systems to hi tech and wireless. Do your home work when

Do your homework on the many options there are out there for home security improvement. Read reviews and study all you can about the different home security companies and the services they offer. Make your home secure right now!

Written by Deedra Fendalstein. We are known to provide the very best articles on House Alarm and you can also receive the best tips about Home Security Service too!

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Ghprod said...

Thnx a lot for your tips :)

Great blog ..


Fernando said...

1. Yes, that's right. Make it hard for the burglars to break in. You wouldn't want your house to be ultra-vulnerable.

2. It's pretty much like taking care of your car. You have to make sure that every piece of the puzzle is working.

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